ISUZU cold box truck

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ISUZU refrigerated cold transport truck

ISUZU ice cream refrigerator truck named ISUZU Refrigerator van truck ,van refrigerated lorry .isuzu chiller ,ISUZU frozen food transport box truck ,ISUZU ice cream reefer truck,ISUZU freezer box van ,ISUZU chiller refrigerator van , ISUZU refrigeration lorry,

ELF refrigeration carrier,frozen meat transport vehicle,freezer loading vehicle  is a van carrier vehicle designed to delivery frozen food trucks as specific temperatures .


ISUZU refrigeration truck can be freezer colded, ISUZU reefer freezer truck , equipment with one high quality refrigeration system , and make one freezer van body, Sandwinch type box .

We supply ISUZU refrigerated truck with capacity from 1.5tons to 35tons .


A cold room van refers to a closed van transport vehicle used to maintain the temperature of frozen or fresh-keeping goods.

A freezer box lorry is a special chiller transport vehicle equipped with a refrigeration unit of a refrigeration unit and a polyurethane thermal insulation compartment. Carrying capacity, carriage type to classify.

Refrigerated trucks are often used to transport frozen food (refrigerated trucks), dairy products (dairy trucks), vegetables and fruits (fresh goods trucks), vaccines and medicines (vaccine trucks), etc.

ISUZU Refrigerated truck also named refrigerator truck , ISUZU freezer truck , frozen meat food transportation truck, cold box van, freezer loading vehicle truck is a van truck designed to delivery cold frozen food trucks as specific temperatures .