isuzu road clean sweeping truck

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isuzu vacuum sweeper has more than 3 series different type ,street sweeping vehicle, dry road cleaning truck , wet road sweeping truck , 4×2 clean street sweeper,combined wet and suction sweeping truck

The Isuzu vacuum Sweeper  (also name ISUZU street suction clean truck,road clean truck , ISUZU sweeper , sweeper vehicle , clean street truck ,street cleaner)

It is an innovative road cleaner truck developed by the CLW factory.

The sweeper adopts our company’s original V-shaped nozzle cleaning technology, which integrates the functions of a road sweeper and a high-pressure cleaning vehicle. It can not only perform road sweeping or washing operations independently, but also perform road scrubbing operations at the same time. Isuzu road sweepers have outstanding features such as no dust during operation, no dust left after operation, long operation time and stable operation performance. It is especially suitable for the cleaning operation of the main roads of the city.

isuzu road sweeper truck