Sanitation truck

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Sanitation truck

ISUZU sanitation truck(Environmental sanitation vehicle,sanitation lorry,ISUZU sanitation car)included water sprinkler truck, garbage truck, road sweeper truck, vacuum tank truck,etc


ISUZU sanitation lorry is a special  chassis mounted different sanitation body . it is use for city greening , cleaning ,construction and planning .
We produce following different santation truck
— garbage truck(hook load rubbish truck,sealed refuse lorry,docking waste truck,dump garbage transporter,compactor,hook loader,self side loading ,arm roll ,swing arm garbage rubbish truck ,ISUZU sanitation lorry etc)

road sweeper vehicle(street sweeper,pure road sweeping truck,dry sweeper truck,wet sweeper lorry, dry and wet sweeping van,Environmental sanitation vehicle,etc)

— water truck(water tanker,dust suppression truck , drink water tank vehicle,waste watet tank lorry,ISUZU sanitation car ,etc)

—sewage truck(sewer suction truck, sewage tank vehicle,dirty water tranport truck,vacuum suction truck, high pressure jetting truck,dredging and clean sewage lorry ,etc)

—clean truck, pressure jetting vacuum truck ,frame clean truck, wall cleaning truck
Customized term
—- have logo painting request

—- different shape design request


We have hottest sanitation car for sale,our factory in suizhou city ,hubei province,china .


Welcome to china and visit our factory to get Environmental sanitation vehicle ((ISUZU sanitation van , sewage vacuum tank, street sweeper, garbage truck )).
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Sanitation vehicle