isuzu garbage transport truck

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ISUZU Garbage trucks are divided into: ISUZU compression waste trucks, ISUZU dump rubbish trucks, ISUZU swing arm trash  trucks, ISUZU self-loading and unloading refuse trucks, ISUZU sealed trash service trucks,ISUZU hook lift waste truck,ISUZU arm roll off rubbish truck ,ISUZU pull-arm refuse trucks.,rubbish delivery truck, waste transport truck .


isuzu rubbish truck use isuzu chassis combined different garbage body ,then ISUZU rubbish delivery truck has different function .

waste delivery trucks mainly carry domestic garbage, and can also support bulk building materials such as ash, sand, stone, and soil, and can also deliver ore or coal in mines or coal construction.

Function introduction of garbage truck:

The garbage bucket can be hung up and down, and the swing arm has a working cycle time of 60S. The transportation capacity of the vehicle is especially suitable for short-distance transportation, such as the cleaning and transportation of urban garbage by the sanitation department.

isuzu compactor garbage truck