ISUZU vacuum suction tanker truck

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 sewage suction truck

ISUZU sewage suction truck named sewage vacuum tank truck, toilet tank ,sewer clean truck,cesspit empiter,gully emptier ,vacuum tanker truck,waste vacuum vehicle , sewage suction tanker lorry ,portable sewer sucker cleaning truck ,

Sewage suction truck use ISUZU chassis mounted vaccum sewer tanker on and fix one sewage suction used for clean toilet,cistern,dirty pipe etc

ISUZU Sewage vacuum tanker is used to suction, collect , transport , delivery ,transfer and discharge sewage ,dirty liquid water , sludge ,slurry,wc,asphalt ,ship waste oil,septic ,drainage ,crude oil,solid stuff such as a small stones ,bricks ,etc

ISUZU Toilet vacuum tank is suitable for protect environment and sanitation field , such as cleaning the sewage , toilet ,cesspit, cesspool ,gully,mud ,wc,bottom pipe ,etc,

Sewer vacuum tank truck use yifeng or Italy or germany famous brand vacuum pump and it can be optioned water cycling pressure pump for clean pipe , increase one kind function .

Option function

remote control , hydraulic top suction boom ,jetting clean system .carbon steel , stainless steel.


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ISUZU suction tank truck with vacuum tanker and pump