ISUZU fire fighting truck

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Isuzu fire truck is also known as ISUZU fire fighting truck ,fire fighting tanker ,water tank fire truck,fire extinguishing truck, fire fighting vehicle ,foam fire fighter truck, powder fire vehicle , pick up fire pumper, fire tender , fire engine , rescue fire equipment

It is refitted from a second-class Isuzu truck chassis.The special part is composed of liquid tank.It has pump room, equipment box.It has power output and transmission system.It has pipeline system, electrical system, etc. It is widely used in urban public security fire brigade, petrochemical industry, Factories, mining enterprises, communities, forests, ports, docks and other departments can quickly approach the fire scene to start fire fighting and put out various fires. It is an ideal fire fighting equipment.

ISUZU MLD Manual gear box .

ISUZU engine

We produce from 2tons to 25tons big fire truck .

We customized fire fighting truck according our client inquiry .

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ISUZU fire fighter