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police military car named Government Procurement of Vehicles (Explosion-proof police car, Explosion-proof police car, Anti-refugee water cannon ,military car,Vehicle explosion-proof water cannon Police Crowd Management Water Cannon ,Vehicle Maintenance of security water monitor, Government Procurement of Water jet )

Equipment of Explosion-proof police car

It has strong dispersing and deterrent power. In actual combat, a powerful high-pressure water jet can be ejected, knocking the troublemaker to the ground instantly, but it will not cause permanent damage.

The main configuration of the high-pressure water cannon is:

① water cannon.

The pan and tilt can be performed accurately and flexibly, minimizing the dead angle of the water jet. The maximum range is more than 65 meters, and the deterrent range that hinders the normal behavior of the human body is 40 meters. Can shoot and continuous water.

②Water tank.

According to the model of the water cannon, it can hold 5 to 15 tons of water, and can shoot water continuously for 3 to 9 minutes from a single water cannon. Water cans can be added with tear gas, chili water and dyes to improve dispersal and deterrence.

③Water pump.

Driven by an independent engine.

④Strong obstacle removal shovel.

Installed in the front of the water cannon.

⑤ Protective devices.

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