isuzu wrecker towing truck

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isuzu wrecker

ISUZU rescue truck is truck which can be used to clean block road broken cars, it has more than 5 series different type,flat bed recovery car, ISUZU clean road block car,T type towing truck, rotation also named ISUZU slide flat bed recovery carrier  ,towing truck ,ISUZU wrecker , ISUZU towing truck, ISUZU rotator wrecker.ISUZU crane car carrier truck .

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ISUZU MLD gear box and ISUZU engine , the body there has more than 6 different typies can be choosed, rollback flatbed , one towing one T type under lifting ,rotator wrecker lorry ,crane towing vehicle . 2tons ,4tons,5tons,6tons,7tons,8tons,10tons,12tons,15tons,20tons,25tons,30tons,35tons,40tons,45tons,50tons .

The wrecker is mainly composed of:

chassis, lifting device, lifting traction device, hydraulic system, electronic control system, car body and toolbox, etc.

It has many functions such as lifting, pulling and lifting traction, suitable for high-speed Clearance work for highways and urban roads.

[3] Purpose of rescue Truck 

is a special engineering vehicle designed to ensure smooth roads, and is an important equipment for traffic management in prosperous urban areas and expressways. It can quickly, timely and safely remove accidents, breakdowns, and illegal vehicles on the road, as well as special vehicles for dredging road traffic. First, the tow truck are generally divided into four series according to the structure type: the separate type flatbed rollback truck, the combined type platform rollback truck, the flat type wrecker truck, and the ordinary type. Among them, the lifting and separating type wrecker includes two types of boom rotating wrecker and non-rotating wrecker.

isuzu wrecker