Civic Utility truck

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Civic Utility truck normally included ,ISUZU chassis fire truck,aerial platform truck,wrecker tow truck,recovery vehicle

ISUZU wrecker tow truck named rescue tow truck,flatbed towing truck,road wrecker ,recovery truck ,road breakdown vehicle , recovery tow lorry,wheel-lift tow truck,360c rotator wrecker towing trucks, platform beakdown wrecker,flatbed car carrier , sliding platform recovery truck , full sit on ground tow lorry ,

Fire fighting truck  named fire fighting tanker ,water tank fire truck,fire extinguishing truck, fire fighting vehicle ,foam fire fighter truck, powder fire vehicle , pick up fire pumper, fire tender , fire engine , rescue fire equipment .

Aerial platform working truck named man lifter truck ,truck mounted aerial work platform ,telescopic boom aerial platform, aerial lifter arm truck, repair aerial lifting truck , high aerial boom lifter , bucket truck ,overhead working vehicle , sky lift ,cherry picker ,etc


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ISUZU Civic Utility vehicle