Isuzu FVR 12t dump truck ordered by Mozambique

FTR 15MT mine Isuzu dump truck

Mozambique Isuzu medium-sized dump truck uses FVR chassis, Isuzu 240 HP engine, Isuzu 8-speed gearbox

The ISUZU dumper body

ISUZU dumper Mozambique The body length is 8000 * 2500 * 2900mm,Container size 6300 * 2400 * 600mm。

The ISUZU dumper Mozambique lifting cylinder adopts the front top, which has greater lifting capacity,The middle section of the carriage adopts two sections to open, which is convenient for car owners to load

This Isuzu FVR tipper has been exported to Ethiopia, Kenya, Mauritius, Nigeria and Sudan for many times in the early stage. The fuel-saving and durable characteristics of Isuzu FVR enable users to repurchase it for many times。