20m3 ISUZU water truck dust susppension truck exported to chile

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20m3 ISUZU water truck dust susppension truck exported to chile

Introduce of our company

Our company is the industry of Isuzu water truck /bowser dust suppression car professional manufacturers, the main production and sales of Isuzu sanitation car,water sprinkler truck, Qingling Isuzu country six road sweeper, Isuzu cleaning car.

With leading technology and extensive experience, we provide our customers with excellent performance and cleaning car products with professional optimized solutions.

Photo of ISUZU water tanker spreader

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6×4 GIGA water truck exported to chile

Introduce of the tanker bowser
Isuzu GIGA national 616 square dust suppression car, the car chassis has good performance, strong power, split box design, advanced and beautiful, reasonable structure, complete configuration, the new PLC control system, electrical integrated design, automatic operation, high work efficiency, convenient operation and maintenance.

Main information of the chassis and tanker
Qingling Isuzu State 616 square water tanker bowser ISUZU dust suppression truck
Chassis modelIsuzu GIGA 6×4
Chassis manufacturerQingling Automobile Co., Ltd
pilothouseOriginal Isuzu single row, can take 2 people
Box volume16 Cubic to 20cubic meter
Box materialAll stainless steel material
navarPLC intelligent system, electric-liquid integrated control
Tyre model295/80R22.5
Number of tires10+1
outline dimension10800×2550×3770mm
wheel base4600+1370mm
Tanker information
Isuzu water tanker car, washing and sweeping car performance characteristics
pilothouseFlat head all-metal enclosed cab, single row cab, panoramic curved windscreen.
Selected new front cover, front bumper, front combination lamps, car doors and Windows, front enclosure lower mask.
The strength of the box is highThe box is made of full stainless steel material, square box, water tank dustbin split design, not easy to deformation, longer life.
Good economyThe computer control system automatically controls the throttle when the special equipment is working
Work efficientlyPLC electric control system, cleaning belt with water spray and dust suppression, effectively avoid secondary dust pollution; rear strong suction cup, to ensure a more thorough cleaning
Intelligent selectionOptional GPS, front and rear reversing image, clean water sink box, etc.
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this one ISUZU water sprinkler truck exported to chile , if you have any questions,please you feel free to contact Ms xi chen .Tel +86-18727992788