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red color ISUZU van truck exported to angola

ISUZU van truck

ISUZU cargo truck exported to angola ISUZU van cargo truck is for loading dry goods , transport/transfer quickly . highlight of the ISUZU van truck 4×2 ISUZU delivery cargo van left hand drive red color customized 1.3mm thickness size wall 2mm bottom wall Chassis   Brand ISUZU Chassis number QL10403HARY Length 5900 Width 1980 Height 2180 […]

20units ISUZU trash garbage truck

ISUZU Sanitation compression refuse collector named ISUZU  garbage compression truck,ISUZU rubbish compression truck,compression trash transport truck,waste delivery truck shows on

20units ISUZU compacteed trash truck 20units ISUZU trash garbage truck 20units ISUZU compacted trash truck ordered by LIGA MUNZCIPAL company .We had painted the logo DOMINICANA on the waste compacted body according the client . The compacted waste body is 4000Liters drive type is 4×2 4×2 4000l Isuzu trash garbage truck,carbon steel garbage body

ISUZU vacuum tank truck exported to africa

5000L ISUZU sewage vacuum truck exported to africa simple drawing of the ISUZU vacuum tanker main parameters of the ISUZU sewer tank vacuum truck The 5000L ISUZU sewage tank truck named ISUZU vacuum tank truck ISUZU sewage suction truck engine’s displacement 2999ml number of axles 2 wheel base 3360mm torsion 400 Numbers speed of a […]

20m3 ISUZU water truck dust susppension truck exported to chile

ISUZU water truck,ISUZU water tank,water bowser ,water sprinkler truck,water sprayer tanker truck,water dust control truck showing on

20m3 ISUZU water truck dust susppension truck exported to chile Introduce of our company Our company is the industry of Isuzu water truck /bowser dust suppression car professional manufacturers, the main production and sales of Isuzu sanitation car,water sprinkler truck, Qingling Isuzu country six road sweeper, Isuzu cleaning car. With leading technology and extensive experience, […]

Isuzu FVR 12t dump truck ordered by Mozambique

FTR 15MT mine Isuzu dump truck Mozambique Isuzu medium-sized dump truck uses FVR chassis, Isuzu 240 HP engine, Isuzu 8-speed gearbox The ISUZU dumper body ISUZU dumper Mozambique The body length is 8000 * 2500 * 2900mm,Container size 6300 * 2400 * 600mm。 The ISUZU dumper Mozambique lifting cylinder adopts the front top, which has […]

Introduction to Isuzu Giga sprinkler

Isuzu 18 ton water sprinkler ISUZU water sprinkler use a Isuzu Giga single axle row semi cab, standard with multi-functional steering wheel, electric doors and windows, remote key,big ISUZU engine, air conditioner, air brake, etc. Engine water tanker isuzu is equipped with Isuzu engine 240HP, matched with an eight speed gearbox, and the speed ratio […]

100P ISUZU road sweeper truck function introduce

ISUZU road sweeper truck main functions introduction ISUZU road sweeper truck garbage shall be collected by ISUZU sweep truck suction sweeping and mixing, and the pavement shall be cleaned by wet dust removal, electro-hydraulic control and hydraulic tipping unloading. The ISUZU road sweeper truck auxiliary engine is specially used to drive the fan and hydraulic […]