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isuzu chassises introduce 1

isuzu vehicle

isuzu chassis We are the biggest special trucks manufacture in china . We produce isuzu brand water truck , fuel truck, garbage truck , wrecker,tankers trailer,high platform man lifter,concrete mixer vehicle, dumper,mobile fire cannon tanks etc. Follow are different ISUZU chassises showing here has ISUZU concrete mixer vehicle, ISUZU man lifter , ISUZU garbage truck […]

Why is the Qingling Isuzu FTR 80m multifunctional dust suppression truck good

isuzu dust suppression truck

qingling FTR dust suppression truck This qingling isuzu dust suppression truck adopts the Qingling Isuzu FTR row semi-cab, and the cab adopts high-strength galvanized steel plate and closed structure, forming an effective anti-collision protection zone and protecting the safety of drivers and passengers. Equipped with the world’s leading Isuzu 4H engine, it adopts Denso’s electronically […]

Chengli Group won a large order of 150 million

chengli big order On December 18, 2022, Chengli Group signed a large order of 150 million, 150 mixer trucks, the order mixing tank is 10m3. Special vehicles are the epitome of China’s economy, the three-year new coronavirus epidemic has dealt a certain blow to the Chinese economy, but under the effective leadership of the Communist […]

Cheng Li “warm baby” to take the space hero home!

Medical supervision and medical insurance car

take the space hero home Tonight, the Dongfeng landing field will welcome back A 183-day business trip to the Chinese space station Shenzhou-14 astronaut  Chen Dong, Liu Yang, Cai Xuzhe Welcome all the space heroes home! The three astronauts returned to the ground  Will ride “Suizhou intelligent manufacturing”  Hubei Cheng 3 “medical supervision medical insurance […]

ISUZU drinking water truck details parts

ISUZU pure water truck shows on

ISUZU drink water truck parts isuzu drinking water truck(pure drink water tank truck,clean water tanker) use FTR chassis 4HK 190HP engine , and made one 15000Liters pure water tanker,the 4HK1-TC50 engine uses high-voltage common rail , precision electronic control , 6 cylinder inline ,4 stroke , it has low fuel comsumption and low emissions , […]

5sets blue refrigeration truck export to Ecuador

the isuzu chassis fixed one 3.8meters sandwich body shows on

ISUZU refrigeration truck We got the Ecuador ISUZU refrigeration truck order on 18th ,Aug,2022. Our client has so many different customzied request , such as must colour the refrigerator chiller blue .inside the refrigerated van body must add ventilation slot, all the freezer lorry must has Dehumidification thermometer,etc Main information of the ISUZU chiller box truck […]