ISUZU vacuum tank truck exported to africa

5000L ISUZU sewage vacuum truck exported to africa

simple drawing of the ISUZU vacuum tanker

main parameters of the ISUZU sewer tank vacuum truck

The 5000L ISUZU sewage tank truck named ISUZU vacuum tank truck

ISUZU sewage suction truck engine’s displacement 2999ml

number of axles 2

wheel base 3360mm

torsion 400

Numbers speed of a motor vehicle 95km

Number of tires 6

front gauge 1504mm

effluent standard GB17691-State for the 2018 States

engine type 4KH1CN6LB

Number of steel plate spring sheets 8/6+5

rear track (mm) 1425

real case photos of ISUZU sewage suction truck

ISUZU sewage suck tank vacuum truck 
it has 5000Liters tanker volume , one quality yifeng vacuum pump
ISUZU 4x2 euro 5 chassis toilet cesspit vacuum sucktion truck painted the client logo on .
ISUZU vacuum truck back door use hydraulic system to control the door

More advantage of the ISUZU vehicle

Chassis configuration data: using the original factory of Isuzu chassis, luxury wide-body single-row seat cab, 3360 wheelbase, national six emission standard, choose high-quality Qingling Isuzu engine for choice, 7.50R16 steel wire tire, multi-functional steering wheel, with broken gas brake, ABS, with air conditioning, air loudspeaker, LCD instrument panel, with central control window. Other to qingling original factory configuration shall prevail.

Made of 6mm thick high-quality carbon steel Q235 material, water distribution circulation high-power vacuum suction pump, high vacuum degree, high suction and long suction range (greater suction than ordinary models). Vertical suction range is 8 m, the inlet and exhaust diameter is 50mm, the full tank time is <7 min, and the full tank time is <4min. The tank sealing head is once die-cast, high quality double hydraulic lifting with dump function, lifting tilt can reach 45 degrees, the rear cover is hydraulic open, easy to directly dump the dirt in the tank, convenient work, high efficiency, cleaner excretion, and with mechanical locking device. The tail with sewage ball valve, with large flow artesian port, diversion plate.

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