Cheng Li “warm baby” to take the space hero home!

Medical supervision and medical insurance car
take the space hero home

Tonight, the Dongfeng landing field will welcome back

A 183-day business trip to the Chinese space station

Shenzhou-14 astronaut

 Chen Dong, Liu Yang, Cai Xuzhe

Welcome all the space heroes home!

The three astronauts returned to the ground

 Will ride “Suizhou intelligent manufacturing”

 Hubei Cheng 3 “medical supervision medical insurance car”!

 Please pay attention! Hero triumphant!

Please pay attention! Suizhou intelligent manufacturing!

Three “medical supervision and medical insurance vehicles” produced by Hubei Cheng Group in the Dongfeng landing site are ready to provide emergency medical rescue for the Shenzhou 14 astronauts

The following video is derived from the

CCTV military

Medical supervision and medical insurance car is the first “temporary home” after the astronauts returned to the earth in the car, the astronauts will complete the preliminary physical health examination to eat the first meal after returning to the earth when necessary by bus transfer

Hubei Cheng Group “medical supervision medical insurance vehicle” has been continuously launched in shenzhou 12,13 and 14 manned spacecraft and returned to the site to provide emergency services for the astronauts to ensure the development strength of the emergency industry in Suizhou is increasingly strong

Everything is ready! Waiting for the god fourteen passenger group to go home!