ISUZU high pressue clean water truck exported to ASIA

ISUZU high pressure clean water tank truck shows on
pressure jetting clean water sprinkler truck

ISUZU High pressure clean water truck is also called,high jetting water truck, ISUZU sludge clean truck,flushing tank truck ,high pressure cleaning water sprinkler truck ,Pipe dredging clean jetting truck, which flushes blocked pipes with strong pressure generated by high-pressure water flow. The main components are the tank, high pressure pump, hydraulic system, etc. 

ISUZU high pressure clean water tank truck shows on
12000Liter FTR ISUZU water tank truck

The ISUZU high-pressure cleaning truck is mainly used to clean urban sewers, sediments in pipelines, and dredging of dead-end mud ditch. high pressure cleaning water sprinkler truck can also be used to clean industrial drainage pipes, walls, etc.,ISUZU sludge clean truck clean roads and square floors. The high-pressure cleaning vehicle can also be equipped with a sprinkler device, which can be equipped with a green sprinkler, front flush, rear sprinkler, and side spray. Or,  ,Pipe dredging clean jetting truck is a new type of sanitation vehicle that integrates the functions of a high-pressure cleaning car and a sewage suction car. The car can not only absorb sewage but also clear the blockage of the pipeline.

FTR ISUZU water tank truck shows on
4×2 wataer sprainkler tanker

ISUZU FTR Potable  high pressure Water Truck 12,000L parameter:

  • Isuzu FTR 4×2 Cab Chassis
  • Manual  transmission
  • Tool box
  • Radiator cap with pressure release lever
  • Electrical protection to mine standard
  • radio
  • 8 x LED Work lights
  • Rear closed-circuit reverse camera with in cab high resolution monitor
  • All labels and signage to be supplied for tanker identification
  • 2 x Wheel chocks mounted in holding bracket
  • Wheel Nut Indicators
  • 1 x Spare Tyres

ISUZU jetting truck has Potable Drinking Water Tank

  • Tank Capacity 12,000L – 100%
  • 12,000L Operating volume
  • 3″ Diesel driven end suction centrifugal pump
  • 3/4″ Stainless Steel Hose reel & fittings
  • Lay Flat Hose (food grade quality) 20m x 4″ with camlock fitting
  • 4″ Ball valve for rear drainage
  • Sight Tube for levels
  • 2 x Top Lids for entry to clean tanks with fixed ladders front & rear access
  • Tanker mudflaps

ISUZU pressure cleaning tank truck Front high pressure sprayer

  • Hydraulic system controlled type
  • 1.5meters length

ISUZU water sprayer tank truck On top working platform

  • Mounted on the tank
ISUZU tanker truck Product Specifications
TypeSkid Mounted Water Tank
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