20units FTR ISUZU garbage truck

ISUZU 4x2 15tons 10tons FTR rubbish compacted  delivery truck shows on isuzu-truck.com
ISUZU FTR garbage compacted truck

inquiry of ISUZU garbage truck from africa

We got one inquiry from our africa gngola client on 5th,may 2021 year ,they are a famous green city company , they have many sewage clean trucks ,road sweeper trucks already, need to buy more ISUZU compacted rubbish truck (ISUZU trash compactor truck,rubbish collection vehicle,waste clean truck,etc), then we discussed the chassis brand and volume of the compactor body .

Finally they choosed FTR chassis 4×2 chassis one ,then gave our factory order on 20th may,2022, we use 2 mounths for produce those trucks , now ready to be shipped from shanghai port .

Following if finished pictures .

FTR ISUZU rubbish compression truck named FTR ISUZU refuse compression truck,ISUZU rubbish compactor truck,FTR compacted rubbish transport truck,FTR rubbish compacted  delivery truck,ISUZU FTR sanitation refuse truck shows on isuzu-truck.com
FTR garbage compacted vehicle

main information

4×2 left hand drive

air condition

FTR ISUZU chassis

Isuzu 6 serise engine

compression waste body