Ghana orders Isuzu 5T sewage suction truck

ISUZU high pressure clean sewage tank truck

sewage suction vehicle to ghana

On March On March 8, 2022, the light Isuzu sewage vacuum truck ordered by customers from Ghana started.

ISUZU sewage vacuum truck engine

The vehicle adopts Isuzu 98 HP engine

Isuzu 5-speed gearbox

the tank volume is 4 m3 of sewage plus 1 m3 of clean water, totaling 5 m3.

ISUZU vacuum sewage truck
ghana ISUZU sewage lorry

In the loading container of Isuzu sewage suction vehicle, two vacuum trucks are put into a 40 foot container this time

ISUZU sewage jetting vacuum truck

The Isuzu vehicle in the container has been fixed

After loading, the goods will arrive at the port for shipment today and can be delivered to Ghana in about 20 days。