isuzu chassis introduce 2

ISUZU 100p
ISUZU chassis

ISUZU 4×2 light chassises introduce,there have 100P 600P 700P (old model) , now new model is KV100 ,KV600 ,KV800

here is ISUZU 100P =KV100

here is ISUZU KV600 Here is KV800

After the launch of this lightweight Isuzu chassis, the market share reached 43%, which shows the popularity of this car. The new N series is equipped with Isuzu’s new 4KH1-TC engine and has obtained certification to the European No. 3 standard to meet the increasing environmental requirements around the world. The 4K engine features an output of 130 hp, electronically controlled injection, intercooled supercharging technology, and a supercharger with cooling.